Video Wall

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Video walls are an array of monitors or projection devices (cubes) that are connected via software and digital signal processing and can be made into large screen displays for a myriad of exciting and useful applications. Video walls can be used for corporate extravaganzas, new product announcements, road shows, sporting events, annual meetings, political rallies as well as TV and film production.

Many years back there were things that used to be called data walls that were commonly used in public places, mostly in airports and railway stations. Nowadays, with the use of the new technology, these things have been outdated by the introduction of the current video wall. Basically, many people have seen these large screens that are mostly found in concert halls and in the football grounds. These are what we call the video walls.

Basically, when multiple individual television or any display units are used they form a video wall as they make a very large image that can be seen from a very far distance. Many offices nowadays use the same technology, as many video wall manufacturing companies have resulted in developing different kinds of the item with different designs. Depending on the size of the room that the video wall is to be used, there is always a selection to choose from the very many sizes and designs available in the market.

Where more than a few people want to view a certain video then the need to use a video wall arises. The sizes of the images displayed are so big in that the viewer will easily catch up with everything happening in the video. A good example is the size of football players images seen in a video wall placed in a football pitch. While using a video wall there is no need of being near the screen displaying the images as the images can be seen from afar.

The reason as to why the use of a single video wall is better than using a single large screen is that the video wall allows a huge amount of pixel density per unit cost, thereby producing an image with a better quality. A higher resolution image is attained while using a video wall and at a lower cost. A single large screen of the same size would be costly while still producing a poor quality image.

A video wall is made up of a group of smaller screens like computer monitors, video projectors and televisions sets, a video wall controller and software to control it. The many screens are arranged in an order and then connected to the video wall controller. The modern video wall is made up of a number of other components in order to suit the different needs arising from different customers who buy them.

Video walls are commonly used by professionals in all fields to display their work to their audience. Examples are like programmers and software developers who are able to demonstrate their work while marketing to their customers on the use of their software.

Event organizers are also regular users of video walls as they use them in illustrating to their audience. Other places that they are in use are in theater halls to show movies and in hospitals to keep the patients in the wards busy and forget about the pains they are going through. The last of the most important places that they are in use is in football grounds where the images of the current game are displayed in the video walls for those outside the field to see them and enjoy, just like those inside the playground.

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