Video Wall Controller

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A professional video wall installation takes cooling into consideration. While different LCD panels can handle different variations of ambient temperature, all panels require their internal components, including power supply and circuit boards, to be kept sufficiently cool. If not, reliability can be compromised.

A professional video-wall installer will measure peak operating temperatures to ensure the wall isn’t running too hot. This is especially important if the video wall is expected to run on a 24 / 7 basis.

If a video wall runs too hot, problems may not surface until after the first or second year of operation. At this time, the LCD panels can unexpectedly start to fail with increasing frequency.

Easy maintenance access and panel replacement

The average video wall has a lifespan of 5-7 years. During this time, one or more LCD panels will likely need to be repaired or replaced.

The mounting apparatus of the video wall should accommodate easy access to the LCD panels, facilitating easy removal if necessary.

As with cooling, panel access usually goes unnoticed unless it is done incorrectly. And it probably won’t be apparent until panels begin to fail or require maintenance. Knowing what to expect ahead of time, and being able to anticipate issues before they become serious problems, distinguishes the professional video-wall installer from the amateur.

Well-organized and labeled cables

The larger and more complex the video wall, the more cables it needs. Some video walls require hundreds of cables each. Thus, it is crucial that all cables be professionally run and properly labeled.

You may not need to trace a cable now, but two years from now – when an LCD panel has gone out and you don’t know why – you will be extremely glad you can easily identify the cables connected to that panel.

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